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There are now an over-whelming number of products on the market that proclaim to stop your dog pulling. How are you meant to choose which one is right for you? Even if you ask the experts, you'll find some trainers or behaviourists simply swear by one type of head collar, and don't have any trust in others. Ofcourse, people all have preferences - it's a free world... but how are you meant to choose when you are getting conflicting advice?

The first question on your mind might be - should i get a head collar to control the dog's head and stop him pulling, or is there a harness that actually works?

gentle leader head collar

Head Collars:

Head Collars to stop your dog pulling come in a variety of shapes and sizes: the most commonly used ones are the Gentle Leader, The Halti and The Canny Collar. Many other manufacturers have their own branded, slightly different styles.

Choose a head collar if

  • you need good control over your dog's head
  • you have no reason to expect that your dog's not going to like it
  • you are happy

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gentle leader harness


Harnesses that are marketed to stop your dog pulling are available in an even greater range of shapes and styles and also a range of different ways to work. Some aim to stop your dog pulling by squeezing their body and there are traditional harnesses where you lead clips to the shoulder point. The most recent stop pull harnesses are those that aim to pull your dog to the side or around to face you.

Choose a stop pulling harness if

  • your dog hates things over their nose
  • you hate something over your dogs nose
  • your dog has a narrow neck

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