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Stop Your Dog Pulling - Head Collars

Head Collars to stop your dog pulling come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here's some information to help you to choose a good head collar, and to help you decide whether it's the right training aid for you and your dog.

Gentle Leader - Head Collar

gentle leader head collarThe Gentle Leader again is designed to both give you more control over your dog, in general, and also to help to stop your dog pulling because when your dog does pull, their head is pulled to the side and around to face you.

The Gentle Leader resolves the problem that some people have with a Halti, because the nose loop has a sliding buckle that you fit to size so that the loop fits snuggly over your dogs nose. The Gentle Leader can't therefore be pawed off. You can also therefore leave the Gentle Leader on when your dog is off lead.

Click here for more information on the Gentle Leader

Halti - Head Collar

haltiThe Halti is probably the original dog head collar designed to provide you with better control over your dog and to help your dog to stop pulling.

It fits loosly over the dogs nose and is clipped to the dogs collar with a Halti-link. Your lead clips to a ring underneath the chin. So, when your dogs pulls, their head is pulled around to the side.

As the nose loop is loose unless the dog is pulling, this may be comfortable for the dog to wear. It is however easy to paw off, and cannot be kept on when your dog is off lead.

Click here for more information on the Halti Head Collar


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