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Stop Your Dog Pulling - Harnesses

Here's our review of the dog training aids - harnesses - that are designed to stop your dog pulling.
Do harnesses work to stop your dog pulling? Answer - most don't, but the ones featured here do. Why?

Firstly, and most importantly, your lead connects to your dogs chest, not to the shoulders. Think about that - a connection at the shoulder allows your dog to continue to pull, and worse - gives them something to pull against - you at the other end of the lead.

An additional benefit of these harnesses, is that there is a clip underneath that once undone, you simply slip the harness over the dogs head. So there's no stepping in with one paw, and then another, and then the 1st paw's come out.

So these harnesses work because you lead connects to the chest, and therefore when your dog pulls, all they can do is to turn around to face you. This means that the dog isn't getting to go where they wanted. It confounds them a bit - and then they learn that actually, if they want to move forward, then they need to not pull.

Premier / Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

gentle leader easy walk harness The Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness is our preferred choice of stop pulling body harnesses.

It is made of good quality soft nylon webbing with good quality clips. Premier and Canac used to be the same company - and Canac are well known for the quality of their leads and collars.

A seeming precursor to this design (although it may have had nothing to do with it), was the Halti-harness. Sometimes, the webbing on the Halti-harness slips, and also it needs to be connected to a collar.

The Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness stands on its own needing only your normal dog lead.

There are several sizes available from petite to extra large to fit all dogs from Chihuahuas to Newfies.

Update - a kind client spent some time reviewing harness fits. He owns a flat coat retriever. It transpires that the pointed chests of these dog are better suited to the Halti-Harness


Trixie Professional Easy Walk Harness

trixie professional easy walk harness The Trixie Easy Walk harness is precisely the same design as the Gentle Leader harness. It was priced much more cheaply, but sadly is no longer available.  

Halti Harness

halti harness The Halti Harness was probably the first front-clip harness.


  • padded
  • only 3 sizes to choose, with large fitting range
  • clips to the collar with a d-ring - this holds up the chest strap, and means that, if a dog unfortunately slips out of the harness (this shouldn't happen), then you still are attached via your dogs collar.
  • it has been reported that this harness is better for pointed-chested dogs like flat coat retrievers, as the chest strap is longer and is held up onto the collar
  • they also have a ring on the back/shoulders, so it is easy to fit a double lead the the harness, one end connected to the front, and one to the shoulder. This means that you can control your dog better because you have control of the whole front of their body - and indeed you could use this like a balance harness
  • generally cheaper than alternatives

Possible issues:

  • the tape sometimes seems to slip, but recently, this seems to have improved
  • the newer design has added a loop in the chest strap, which aims to help the lead slide from side to side. However, this also means that they are less adjustable across the chest.

They are available in red and black and 3 sizes.

Where to buy Stop pulling harnesses can be purchased from these dog training sites  
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