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Gentle Leaders Head Collars

gentle leader head collarThe Gentle Leader head collar is the preferred training aid choice for many trainers and behaviourists.

It is made from soft but strong nylon webbing, with good quality clips.

It fits over your dogs nose and neck, and an adjustable clip reduces the size of the nose loop so that your dog cannot paw it off.

gentle leader on dogYou can see here, that whilst it fits snuggly, your dog can still open their mouths to pant, drink and hold a toy in their mouth.



fitting gentle leaderAnd, again, you can see here, how the neck strap and nose loop fit snuggly on your dogs head.

The Gentle Leader may also help to calm your dog because of this constant but gentle pressure.

Many trainers use Gentle Leaders in class simply to help to calm a dog, and not necessarily just for stopping pulling.


Additional Equipment?

The Gentle Leader is designed to fit so that you simply connect your lead to a ring below the chin. And, for most dogs, it won't come off.

If you are at all worried about that, you could use a double ended training lead and connect one end to the Gentle Leader and one end to the dogs collar. YOU do need to make sure though that you then use the Gentle Leader end of the lead for guiding your dog, and leave the other end of the lead loose.


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