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How to Stop My Dog Pulling is a site focused specifically on helping with the most common dog training problem to stop your dog pulling.

The site is provided courtesy of Pawsability. The information is provided by our expert advisor in Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Patfield.

If you would like to make any comment on the content of this site, then please do contact us.

Please do not contact us for marketing, sales, or business promotions - only personal and dog professional emails will be responded to.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and ideas in this web site are just that. We hope that you will benefit from them and that we have helped to answer at least some of your questions and helped you to deal with this pesky problem.

However - we take no responsibility for any actions carried out by yourself or your dog as a result of reading this information. We have strived to keep things here accurate and complete, but hold no responsibility what so ever for any omissions, exceptions, misunderstandings, or misinterpretations.

Your dog, what he or she does, how they act and what they get access to is solely your responsibility.


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About us / Disclaimer / Contact us
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